helpme11111 (helpme11111) wrote in vaginapagina,

sweating and pimples in pubic hair region

Hello, all! i have a pretty mild problem that i've been thinking about posting for a while. Perhaps someone has a solution!

I have pretty sensitive skin, and I tend to react really badly to sweat on my body. If I don't shower immediately after sweating, I'll get bad rashes and big, painful pimples. I've always considered the pimples to be folliculitis, because they have white heads which pop but the pimples remain painful and large and take a while to go away. Clindamyacin ointment seems to make them disappear overnight, which I know is a medication used for folliculitis. After showing a dermatologist the rash on my chest, he prescribed a Clindamycin foam which works very well. I don't have a dermatologist at the moment but this summer (when the sweating is worse) I plan to see someone about good lotions to use for this issue.

The only thing is, I've been getting some of these painful pimples on my pubic hair region, and even next to my vagina (on the side, where the hair grows). I have tested negative for all STIs and have had the same monogamous partner for 2 years, and I am positive this is not STI related. Unsurprisingly the pimples usually crop up the day after I've had sexual activity, especially because i usually do not shower until the next day. Then i'll notice a little lump which will eventually become a hard, painful pimple which i can pop before it will slowly start to shrink. Sometimes, the bump will stay under the skin like a small cyst and fade on it's own.

I don't feel comfortable putting clindamycin ointment near that area, though I know there are clindamycin creams for vaginas (usually as a treatment for infections). I actually have a nearly empty tube from a bacterial infection long ago, but I'm not sure if it's advisable to use that for this purpose.

The sweating is a huge part of the problem—i do not generally feel very hot throughout the day, but I always end up with terrible groin sweat (from commuting and sitting all day at work). Sometimes I'll bring a spare pair of underwear just so I'm not sitting in wet ones.

Does anyone have any remedies, for the sweating or the pimples? Eventually I'll ask my gyno, but it's definitely not worth making an appointment at the moment. Thanks!
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