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chewing your birth control pill, PMDD, & other stuff

Hi everyone!
I have a couple of questions about hbc and how you peeps use it--do you chew? and have you used it successfully for PMDD? First, some background after this cut...
In 2011, I came off the nuvaring after using it for two years. I was (wrongly) told that I couldn't use COCs due to migraines (I don't have the type with aura). I then had the Mirena inserted: worst. bc. ever. for me. Depression, anxiety, panic, etc lasted for 6 months before I had it removed.

Fast forward 6 months of being hbc-free. I am discovering that without nuvaring, I have PMDD that gets worse with the seasons (I also have seasonal affective disorder). I hate the thought of going back on COCs but the depression that I experience with my cycles is making me feel desperate. I am taking other measures--yoga, seeing a therapist again, and using light therapy for the SAD--but I am afraid of what the next cycle is going to bring.

So back to the GYN I went, and she Rxd Kariva. I have used Kariva before--6 years ago, before my PMDD days. It was one of the first hbc I'd ever tried, and I liked it for the most part. This doc told me something odd, though: she recommended that I chew rather than swallow the pill because it's "better for your lipids" and that this would also reduce some side effects such as nausea and headache. I've never heard of this aside from hbc that comes in chewable form. Does anyone out there chew their Pill?

Here is my other anxiety: Kariva contains desogestrel, one of those 3rd gen progestins that has gotten bad press for carrying a twofold risk of blood clots over the older formulations. I am a hypochondriac and obsess about these things constantly. I don't have any other risk factors for clots. I do have PSVT, an arrythmia that docs don't seem concerned about, but otherwise I don't smoke, I'm not over 35, I don't have high blood pressure, etc. I'm trying to gauge whether the risk of using this Pill might be worth it for me... especially if it offers some escape from debilitating depression every month. Has Anyone ever used Kariva or another pill to successfully treat PMDD? I know there are other safer pills out there, but in my trials with those pills in my early 20s, I had lots of nausea/vomiting/headaches that I don't have with Kariva. Aside from some vaginal dryness and slight libido decrease, this one had few side effects. Have any of you treated your PMDD successfully with this pill? Maybe you could give me some peace of mind as I make my decision on whether I want to take this step.

Thanks for any insights you have!!
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