Quinn Elise (quinnthevixen) wrote in vaginapagina,
Quinn Elise

Cervical mucus and spotting

My partner (cis-male) and I (cis-female) plan to try to conceive starting next month, and this month has been sort of a "not trying, not preventing" month to kick it off. I've been trying to really be in tune with my cycles (though I haven't been temping) over the last few months especially so that we will be better prepared when we start trying.

I just recently ovulated this month; I had mittelschmerz, a positive opk, and when I wiped, I had mucus-like, stretchy discharge, which I've learned in the past is likely my cervical mucus. However, I'm wondering if my cm is too thick? Every few months it comes out thick like I mentioned, a lot like clear snot or something. Would taking mucinex around the time of ovulation help?

Also, I ran a 10k this past Saturday and immediately afterwards, noticed some light brown spotting. Granted, this was around the time of ovulation, but the spotting has been on and off since then. I'm wondering if I over-exacerbated myself and caused the spotting. Is that possible? Should I avoid vigorous exercise around ovulation in the future?

Thanks for your help!

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