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What You Can Do To Support Jane Doe

If you're aware of the Steubenville rape trial, you may be wondering what you can to do support Jane Doe. We'd like to help by boosting the signal on a couple of things we know of that you can do.

You can make a donation in Jane Doe's name. Jane Doe has asked that people donate to this shelter in her name. The shelter is located in her county, and assists people of all genders, but focuses on supporting "families and low-income women, especially those from the African-American population." According to the post, you can donate "as little as $2 via your Paypal account".

Because Jane Doe has been receiving death threats, we also would like to let VPers know how to report any threatening messages, tweets, or comments directed at Jane Doe online. (I got this info from the DailyKos, but the page had a screen shot of the threats as well as people using Jane's real first name, so I decided to just copy the info to this post instead.) If you see any threatening messages online directed at Jane Doe, here's what you can do:

Jefferson County Police Dept –
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept – Fax: 740-283-8598

On Twitter:
Please @ all threats to @misspell as her timeline is now being monitored by Sheriff Fred Abdalla
Please do not engage those who are making the threats, simply report them.

And via @smartbitches on Twitter, here is an address where one can send letters of support to Jane Doe.

Fitzsimmons Law
1609 Warwood Avenue
Wheeling, WV 26003
Att: Jane Doe

If any of you know of any other ways that people can show support, please comment here and let us know. Thanks! Also, consider sharing a link to this post (or the info in this post) far and wide on whatever social media you choose.
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