Sarah (llama_friendly) wrote in vaginapagina,

Anal/Vaginal Yeast Infection

I began taking amoxicillin for a nasty case of strep throat last week. A few days ago I began to feel particularly itchy in the anal region. I figured I had not properly wiped and tried to do better. Now I'm wiping very well. Way past the point I need to and the itchiness is not stopping. The entrance to my vagina has also begun to itch a bit. I don't really have any curd-like discharge but I never have with a yeast infection. I just feel itchy and dry, which is typical when I've had YI's. I guess maybe the amoxicillin is the culprit.

My question is: Could I really have an anal yeast infection? If so, how do I treat it? I have a 3-day yeast infection treatment that is like a cream-filled syringe that is inserted into the vagina. Do I just smear some on my anus after I get it into my vagina? I don't want to cause any damage to my insides! I've never felt this kind of itch for so long in that region. It's getting to be a nuisance. Should I wait until my round of antibiotics is over to treat this? Thanks!
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