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Sarah Marie

MMMMonday! Rape culture and Steubenville.

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Feministing: "Steubenville Teens Are Found Guilty, But Rape Culture Remains Alive and Well" (US-centric, trigger warning for discussion of rape and rape culture.)

In light of the Steubenville trial, I'm thinking a lot about rape culture today. Since rape culture is made up of a million little and big things all tangled together, it's incredibly hard to take on. Where you do think we need to start? What can we do, on individual and cultural levels? Anything you just want to vent or share? I'm seeing a lot of anger and sadness on the internet today, and I thought maybe just a space to talk about that would be a good use of the MMMMonday today. So, you're invited, if you want to, to talk about rape culture and Steubenville and whatever else you want to in the comments. We're listening.
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