Princess Lyssa Lovegood (lyssa027) wrote in vaginapagina,
Princess Lyssa Lovegood

spotting or a period?

Hey y'all,

I got a tonsillectomy on Wednesday and had to stop taking my BC pill because my mouth is too swollen to swallow anything. My last period was the week of March 5th. I stopped taking the pill on the day of my surgery the 13th, and I haven't been able to swallow anything since. So now I've noticed some bleeding when I go to the bathroom, and I can't figure out if I'm spotting or if my period is restarting itself, I've always been regular, so this confuses me.

And would it be effective to try to take my bc now? I know I'm behind, and I still can't swallow, but I could possibly try to break it in applesauce or something and try to get that down.

Thank you
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