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If I can't take a fist, how on Earth am I going to give birth!?

My boyfriend and I have been slowly trying to work toward fisting for months, and just can't get past the knuckles. No matter how we try, there's just no way to get them in. It feels like there are two issues: the bones around my vulva are too close together, creating a sort of solid barrier to entry, and the vaginal opening is too small, and feels very stretched with four fingers.

I don't think we are ever going to manage it. That's ok, he has a bit of a thing about it but we have a great sex life anyway and there are lots of other things we can do. But recently we've been talking about the possibility of having children in the future, and I'm worried that I'll tear really badly! I know that your ligaments and bones shift to open up your pelvis for the baby to come through, but what happens to the skin around the opening? If it's super small now how will a baby's head get through?
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