Fluidmotion_ (fluidmotion_) wrote in vaginapagina,

post-Mirena BC options..

hello VPers!

I'll keep this short and simple -
I had to have my Mirena taken out last week, due to some sort of infection and inflammation around the IUD itself. Now, I am unprotected!! I would like to get back on the pill (Alesse, preferably, if that matters). The doctor who took my IUD out told me I'd have to wait until the 5th day of my next period to start taking the pill lest it be 'completely ineffective'.

Now, as I remember from having been on the pill before, you CAN take it anytime you want and it should be effective.. right? Is it alright if I start taking the pill right away, or should I give my lady bits a break between the Mirena and HBC..??

Second question - and forgive me if this sounds dumb - Although the Mirena put some small bits of hormones into my ovaries, now that it's out I am 100% susceptible to getting preggos, right? I, like, FOR SURE need to use back-up, yeah?

Auuughhh I want my IUD back!!!!!
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