sweet_minami (sweet_minami) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mole on my vulva

What can you tell me about this mole?

I've always had a flat mole on my vulva (it looks more like a birthmark than a real mole, isn't it? It has stretched with growth) but yesterday, when I was taking a shower I noticed that there was a white spot in the middle of it. I'm sure the white little spot on it was there before but I never panicked so much like yesterday.

Today I rushed to my GP, that checked it out and said it's perfectly fine and that the whitish parts is just a part without pigment.
Does it looks fine to you too? It's not that I don't want trust him but it's just because I freaked out so much yesterday that I still feel wired! (sorry for my bad english!)

NO GRAPHIC CONTENT: Just a mole. (It's a bit sore cause I had to shave to see it clearly)


PS: it's super zoomed.

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