mandy kat (amanda_hysinger) wrote in vaginapagina,
mandy kat

Heavy Bleeding??

Hi guys!!

I've had 2 rounds of progesterone and I'm on day 3 of my period. Last month, my period was light..this month it's super heavy..I'm bleeding on everything!! I have been using my regular pads..I've not really ever bled this heavy b4 on a period. I was wondering if the heavy bleeding could be from the progesterone. Or if it's just from where I've not had a regular period for almost 6mons until I got on progesterone last month?? My husband is concerned about me since I told him I've never bled like this b4. He wants me to call my gyno (I was supposed to get my physical Tuesday but bc I'd started my period I rescheduled for next Tuesday) soo should I call my gyno and c wat he says I should do (come in 2moro or wait til my appoinment). Or should I just get pads for heavy days and not worry about it?? I'm not cramping or clotting..soo Idk wat's goin here tbh.

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