Sarah (llama_friendly) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weight gain & PCOS

So I am now about 100 lbs overweight. I'd always been a tad overweight for my height when I was younger..10 pounds maybe. But each year I'd gain about 5 pounds. By the end of high school I was about 180. Then I got pregnant and gained and held onto 20 pounds. I was at 200 in 2009. After that I gained weight very rapidly...about 50-60 pounds from 2009 to now. I gained 20 of that  in less than a year. After that my periods started disappearing and I was trying to count calories. It didn't help at all. I gained about 8 lbs when I felt like I was starving. Last summer I started noticing dark hair on my upper lip. In high school I had noticed this but it was just a tiny bit so I let it go. Last summer I felt it was noticeable to other people. I went to my doctor and let her know that I stopped having my period, had some extra hair on my lip, and couldn't stop gaining weight. She told me I had PCOS (without any real testing) and put me on Metformin. So far I've gained no weight, which is a first for me..Actually I may have lost about 5 pounds. I also have my period back but when I went off the Metformin, it went away again.

Is this a pretty good indication that she was right with her diagnosis? I was skeptical because she only did a blood test, which came back totally normal. She still put me on the Metformin.

Also, did my rapid weight gain cause my PCOS? Or did the PCOS cause my weight gain? I feel less ashamed and disgusted with myself when I let myself think that this was the PCOS's fault. To be honest, my last few years were hard and I did not eat well or work out much. I wonder if I did this to myself. My weight gain ruined my self-esteem and even cost me a marriage (which says more about my ex than me, I believe --but still).

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