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How long will sex hurt/be uncomfortable? Is he hitting my cervix?

The basics: I am on Depo with no problems (I actually have more fluid when on it), my partner was tested for STDs and came up negative before we had manual/oral/PIV sex, has never been diagnosed with an STD, and only stopped using condoms with girlfriends after he and his current girlfriend had been tested. He is my first partner for any of this.

I am a female, have had sex with my boyfriend five times (we tried penetrating a couple times before it hurt and we both wanted to stop). We have been having sex for about a week.

I do not experience constant pain during sex; he always penetrates very slowly, with lots of lubrication. However, it hurts at the entrance if he thrusts in and out with any speed above moderately fast (if speed was a one to ten scale, ten being the fastest, he can't go more than six or seven, and he can't go more than four for any extended period of time). We have tried adding extra lubricant to the shaft/remoistening the lubricant along the shaft, but it doesn't work that well.

Sometimes he also feels my vagina tighten around his penis and it hurts him quite a bit -- how can I control that? Any relaxation exercises?

It also feels... I dunno, not so much "painful" as "uncomfortable pressure that is almost painful" when he is very deep inside thrusting. He said he could be hitting my cervix, though it didn't feel like it to him, but has not thrusted as deep since. I do enjoy him that deep when he isn't thrusting, though, which makes us both think it isn't the cervix. The issue is that I enjoy the faster thrusting with or without the deeper penetration. Will this be enjoyable? Is hitting the cervix a problem? It's not pinching, searing, stabbing pain -- more like a slightly uncomfortable pressure, as I said before.

The shortest amount of foreplay we have had before sex is fifteen minutes, and he always asks if I feel ready. We have also stopped once in the middle of sex since it hurt enough, and just finished other ways. Should I just wait it out?
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