cah223 (cah223) wrote in vaginapagina,

nervous sunday

hey all, i was hoping you could calm my nerves about a pregnancy scare. i currently take HBC (microgestin fe 1/20) and use condoms with my boyfriend. additionally, he doesn't ejaculate while wearing the condom and we never have sex without one on.

i've been clumsy with my birth control these past few days due to not being able to get it from PP (school and whatnot.) regardless, we still have used a condom when having sex. i finally was able to pick up my birth control yesterday and took two pills at my regular time (between 11 and 2 at night) to make up for missing thursday and friday's missed pills. i didn't bleed during my placebo week but that's not uncommon with the birth control i'm on.

this afternoon, i vomited out of nowhere. i haven't been drinking nor do i think i have food poisoning. normally i don't worry myself with this but the vomiting is out of the ordinary for me and, being paranoid, i'm nervous about pregnancy. is there a possibility here?

in short
-taking HBC, missed first two days of my active pills on 3/7 and 3/8 but have otherwise been on top of taking them everyday within the same 3 hour window
-use condoms without noticeable defect
-boyfriend doesn't ejaculate while wearing condom
-didn't bleed during withdrawl week but this isn't abnormal for me
-threw up randomly this afternoon for no reason
-a little terrified

please help if you can
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