Johnny Grey (six_dollar_baby) wrote in vaginapagina,
Johnny Grey

PMS and period symptoms but...where is my flow?

Hello all,
Basically looking for reassurance here. I've been having my normal-for-me PMS symptoms for the last 7 days (swollen, painful breasts, uptick in sex drive, moodiness, low back pain) and experiencing cramps for the last two, but nothing has come out yet. This is highly unusual for me.
There is NO chance i could be pregnant. I had the Essure procedure done two years ago, and haven't had sex with a male partner in...a very long time.
Up til this month my cycles had been very regular. My ovulation was right on time and normal-for-me this month. If it helps, i'm 32, NP, cis-female, healthy weight and in general good health except for a cigarette habit.
My stress levels have been through the roof, so i've been blaming that, but i'm worried that the lack of flow, accompanied by what feel like normal cramps, is something to worry about. I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with this? Advice? When is it time to see a doctor?
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