Becca (mooselover13) wrote in vaginapagina,

Toddler UTI

Hey there Superstars,

My daughter is complaining of pain when peeing. Not sure if it's UTI or yeastie because she's got a bit of a diaper rash too.

She's been drinking Chocolate Milk this week (a first), and had a diaper blow-out which resulted in the nanny giving her a bath. So it's possible that the sugar changed the balance, or that there was some excrement was transferred (he's a great nanny for behavior, but is somewhat limited in experience with the physical hygeine care of the small girl. He's doing his best though.)

I'm going on the assumption that it's a UTI because that's the worst case scenario. I'm going to make sure she's drinking more water or non-sugary drinks. But I'm not sure what other non-doctor-involved things I can do to try help her, and would welcome suggestions.

We'll keep a close eye on things in case of increasing discomfort and any possible change in body temp and take doctor action as needed, but I'm afraid to even consider something like AZO because she's only three and 39lbs.
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