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Bratabase's Breast Shapes Project

Hello VPers!

We were recently contacted by Bratabase, a crowdsourced bra database. It has many functions, but its main one is to help users figure out which bra is best for them.

They've come to the conclusion that breast shape plays a big role in bra fit, and are working on a "Breast Shapes Project" to pull together a gallery of photos that will help users determine their breast shape. Currently, they have a gallery of drawings, but they feel that photos of actual breasts would be more helpful.

So! In furtherance of this goal, they're wondering if any VP members would be interested in sharing photos of their breasts for use in their project.

The submission page for the project is here, and you can see if you follow the link that they have detailed instructions, and that they're looking for three very specific shots from participants. This is important, as it will allow the photos to be classified and easily browsed; users will be able to pick a few pictures that they feel look similar to their own breasts and then see bra recommendations based on what worked for those people.

All pictures will have background blurred/removed, any birthmarks/tattoos/other identifying marks removed, and will be presented in black and white. Published pictures will be watermarked. The submissions are 100% anonymous and completely voluntary, and anyone submitting must be of legal age in their country of residence. When you submit a picture, no information is recorded other that the data you submit. You will receive a unique hash number to reference your pictures which you can use to refer to your picture if the need arises.

You can read more about the project here, and more about Bratabase itself here.

We also want to note that Bratabase is used by many people, and we can't guarantee that the language by Bratabase users will be inclusive of the identities of participants who aren't women. We asked Jj, the developer over at Bratabase, about this, and they emphasized that everyone is welcome to participate. In their words, "we are looking just for pictures from all possible ranges (includes surgeries of all kinds, and various shapes out there) no matter who." However, they did note that users may tend to assume that the photos belong to "women" and discuss them accordingly, which may be a consideration for some people in deciding whether or not to participate.

For the VP Team
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