Ariel (happymediocrity) wrote in vaginapagina,

vulva rash, itchiness, broken skin

I've been suffering from a lot of pain and itchiness in my vulva and vagina these past three or so weeks. I went to my school's clinic to get tested for a bladder infection because I was afraid it was my urethra, but that wasn't it. The doctor/nurse (not sure, but she was great!) said it may be an allergic reaction to some pantyliners I had used that week. Well, I haven't used them since, and it's still there. Worse, even. I have masturbated a couple times since (and had sex once before it got really bad), since it's not as bad when it's all lubricated, but that obviously didn't help. These past couple days, I've been treating it like a yeast infection, which may have been a bad call. I tried diluted vinegar rinses, a clove of garlic, and tea tree oil... which has only made things worse because I'm, pretty sure, allergic to it. So now it's burning and swollen and soooo painful. :(

It's not likely to be an STI, but that is of course a possibility. Is there any other ailment it could possibly be? More importantly, is there something that can give me a little relief for just five minutes?
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