Tina (udntknomeson) wrote in vaginapagina,

why am i so nervous

I hate to contribute to the loads of "am I pregnant posts" this community sees on a regular basis, but this is the first legitimate [as in I actually *may* be preg] pregnancy scare I've had in quite some time.

So, I started my last period on 2/21. It was regular and ended on 2/25. I had unprotected sex with my err..f-ck friend on 2/27 and 3/4. My period tracker says I was due for ovulation on the 4th (whoops). We have been having unprotected sex for about two months now, but I never really pay much attention to whether I'm ovulating or not. The reason I'm so nervous this time is because after we had sex on Monday, I went to the bathroom right after we finished and when I wiped I noticed some slimy discharge with small blood streaks. So I was freaking the hell out. Even though I knew it was more than likely I couldn't be pregnant given we had sex less than a week ago. I went out and bought some pregnancy tests [which of course were negative], but I thought about it and realized we had been doing a little bit of..anal play, so that's probably where the blood came from. But now I'm super nervous because I realized I was probably ovulating on Monday, and since then I have been having A LOT of cramping, vaginal pain, and watery discharge. I never experience symptoms when I'm ovulating, so this leads my hypochondriac side to believe I'm somehow feeling a sperm implanting itself to my eggs, or whatever happens at..conception? I've been feeling tired which isn't really new for me, but dizzy as well. I'm pretty sure it's too early for me to be feeling symptoms, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm super duper nervous because the last thing I want on earth right now is to be the p word. Some other things I should mention are I took Plan B One-Step yesterday at about 10AM, but have been experiencing the symptoms I described before then. Also, my partner never comes inside of me [unless it's in my mouth -__-], and we have had unprotected sex plenty of times without me having scares [but again I don't really pay attention to my ovulation sched]. I also was diagnosed with a yeast infection about 2-3 months ago that was left untreated. I don't have white/clumpy discharge or any odor, but do have itching. If I'm being irrational here I would love you ladies to talk some sense into me. I am quite the worry wart so maybe I just have my nerves to thank for the symptoms? Would love to hear your words of advice, thanks for reading.

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