.You...Can't...Fool...Me. (rocks_in_riots) wrote in vaginapagina,

Depo Provera HUGE Clots/ Horrible Cramping

So I had my first Depo Provera shot ever on New Years Eve. Everything was fine until Feb 11th when I started bleeding. I have not stopped bleeding, which I know is normal. In late Feb. I had several large black/red blood clots exit my body. I had no pain when this happened. I called the doctor just to make sure this was normal, and I was told that it was.

Just now I thought I had an upset stomach, but instead felt like I had to push, and basically birthed a HUGE clot. It is obviously made of blood, but it is pitch black. I am also having the WORST cramps of my life at the moment. I took ibuprofen just now, and have a heating pad on.

I am posting a picture of the enormous horrible clot of doom in hopes that somebody can confirm for me that this is a normal thing for Depo to do. Has anybody else experienced enormous black/red blood clots while on Depo Provera?

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Thank you,
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