the highway dust is over all (eringryffin) wrote in vaginapagina,
the highway dust is over all

Endo resources for non-English speakers in U.S.?

Hi, everyone! I'm posting on behalf of a friend who's from Taiwan and looking for information. Her English isn't great, so I'm trying to find things that are A) in her language, B) in very simple English, or C) that I can boil down to simple English without a huge amount of difficulty. I did find the Pain Management entry in the Endometriosis tag, and will definitely be passing that on!

She's 30 or 31, and is in the U.S. as a student, I believe; she said she does have medical insurance. I know she's had surgery for her endometriosis at least twice before, possibly more, but not in the U.S. She doesn't want to have kids, so post-treatment fertility isn't a concern for her, but I don't know if/what BC she may be on, or have bad reactions to. (If there's anything really important that would help with finding resources, I can ask her tomorrow!)

She has a friend with worse English who has the same condition, and who probably needs more general information about the American health system; I'm not much help, unfortunately, since aside from sinus infections I'm pretty healthy and have never really had to be insured for anything that's not "sudden and unexpected million-dollar catastrophe".

Thank you all SO MUCH; I'm really out of my depth, here, but I hate to leave a friend hanging!
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