flyingjay (flyingjay) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnancy Question: soft cervix

I am 13 weeks pregnant, and today while walking I felt some sharp, shooting pains. I've had some round ligament pain, but these pains were much lower, they felt vaginal, or maybe rectal. When I got home, i did some exploring to see if I could locate where the pain was coming from, and I noticed that my cervix is much softer than usual (softer than when I'm ovulating, even), and the os seems more open as well (about the same as when I'm ovulating, maybe a little more. Not quite big enough for a fingertip, but almost). So now I'm freaking out that the pains I was feeling were signs of cervical dilation...

Is the cervix supposed to be soft during early pregnancy? How 'open' should it feel? This is my first pregnancy, and except for a day or two around ovulation my cervix is usually very tightly closed. Should I call my midwife or am I just freaking out over nothing? TIA.
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