concerned109 (concerned109) wrote in vaginapagina,

menstrual cup

Hi all,

I had previously posted about an issue I've been having for like a year and a half with yeast infections. Have been on a diet for the last 8 months which has helped a great deal with symptoms. Sometimes I do get a bit itchy, and sometimes I will randomly get very heavy vaginal discharge. Sometimes I have heavy white vaginal discharge with no associated yeast symptoms like itching or redness. Today is day 14 of my menstrual cycle. I feel somewhat wetter down there, but that happens sometimes. I have no itching or redness or burning. I recently bought a menstrual cup and wanted to practice inserting it so I'm ready for when I get my period. Well, I put the menstrual cup in there (though I was unable to get it to sit properly) and left it for a couple minutes. I couldnt get it to shift so I pulled it out. To my horror, the cup was full of white heavy and I guess you could say clumpy discharge. I was shocked because I feel fine. I went back a bit later, stuck a finger in there, and found a bit of white stuff on my finger but nothing abnormal that would have alerted me. What came out with the menstrual cup was disgusting and shocked. Is this yeast or could it be normal discharge that "sits" far up there and came out with the cup?

Thank you,
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