rosewein (rosewein) wrote in vaginapagina,

hey, stupid questions or more of an aimless rant about my lack or not of fertility.

So I am cis gendered female, which have some piv with a cis gendered male. So pregnancy is a possibility, though to be honest i'm quite paranoid, and don't really have any sex during fertile times. when I was pregnant with my son 4 years ago i did have some decidual (word learned from you lot) bleeding so I'm always a tiny bit convinced i'm about 4 months gone but not noticed yet.
really I know i'm not pregnant, but the previous two months I noticed I didn't have fertile mucus. Its back now I guess its more likely I just didn't notice, but i know i tend to ovulate on day 11, i have a short cycle so i was looking.
i doubt very much I was pregnant is it possible for desidual bleeding to go on for several cycles and how heavy can it be?
i suspect my fertility is waning i'm 35 this year this brings me out in being quite broody to be honest, but i know my contrary self very well. but is this how this presents? i'm a bit surprised as I would of thought maybe one overy was lazy (i have suspected this before, as cycles tend to be different every other one) but also now that the mucus has returned there is a fair bit and fro several days.
i don't know what i'm asking any thoughts would be appreciated.
edited to fix terminology. sorry that took such a time, having internet acccess issues
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