lurne (lurne) wrote in vaginapagina,

My partner won't/hasn't gotten tested?

After a year of us dating (and me insisting he get tested), my boyfriend still hasn't gotten tested.
It's not that he's refused outright, he just keeps saying he will when he doesn't. We're both in the same major, so I know that he's insanely busy but I just feel like there's a certain lack of respect. I've been suffering for a year with a mysterious itchiness and multiple UTIs, and him not getting tested makes me feel really bad about having to keep reminding him.

Just on the relationship itself... I know it's not directly related to health issues, but I've been feeling bad about the whole relationship. We've both acknowledged the fact that we want to be in a long-term committed relationship and have a life together, but I don't feel like he does what he says. We get along really well, but I feel like he's not equally invested in the relationship. Is it possible that we just are invested in it, differently? Can anyone give me some perspective on this? :(
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