Moonlightblack (moonlightblack) wrote in vaginapagina,

Issues with Penetration

Helllo everyone
So I'm having issues with being penetrated by my male partners. I've had three in total and with my last partner we had sex, but I made him stop because I felt a burning sensation every time he tried to push himself in me. We managed to get the head in and a bit more, but then I made him stop because it hurt. I don't know if its a more chronic issue or if I'm not getting enough lubrication. I notice when I try to have sex, I seem to dry up and I can't get wet. Even when I'm being eaten out, its just not know?

I've tried using lubrication and even that didn't help, so I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly. We put some on his penis and I lathered some on my pussy near the that how I'm supposed to it or am I supposed to insert directly in my vagina? And if so, how?????

The thing is I've used penetrative sex toys on myself before with no problems and I managed to climax with them. So I KNOW I can be penetrated.

I just want to enjoy good sex for once. I'm starting to feel angry and depressed because I would like to have fun in bed and have orgasms but its just not happening. Even my last partner was telling "come on and take it, a little pain a little pleasure" and as much as he is a nice guy, I don't feel comfortable having a dick forced into me -_-;

Does anyone have any advice? 
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