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Hey guys, I just kinda need a peace of mind of my situation. I'm currently on hbc and I mostly always take it exactly on time.

-Feb 11: I took my pill 20 minutes late.
-Feb 12: I took my pill on-time, but got food poisoning a few hours later(DAY 12 of my HBC pack).
-Feb 13,14,15: I had continuous diarrhea due to food poisoning, but I was still taking my pill at the scheduled time.
-Feb 15: I started spotting, probably due to my body not absorbing the pills from diarrhea (missing pills). Spotting turned into a regular period.
-Feb 16: Digestive system returned to normal and I continued to take my pills on time.
-Feb 22: First day of my non-active pills.
-Feb 24: Period ended, which was much longer than my normal periods.
-Feb 27 (Weds): Unprotected sex.
-March 1 (Fri): New HBC pack.

So before I had sex, I was thinking that I would tell my boyfriend to pullout just to be EXTRA careful since my BC was messed with this month, but in the moment I just forgot and let him finish inside me. Was I protected?? I have a pack of NextChoice on me. Should I take it? Is it necessary? Will taking NextChoice and then starting a new hbc pack make my hormones all whack? Advice?

Thanks guys!!!
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