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FAM Questions

Hey all,

I have a few questions about my body, my fertility, and what the eff happened when I went off my combined oral contraceptive nearly 6 months ago. I know a lot of VP members are well informed regarding cycle tracking, and I wanted to get some input from y'all!

I am a (nearly!) 25 year old cis female in a long term (8.5 years now! How the time flies!) relationship with a 25 year old cis male. Our relationship turned PIV about 5.5 years ago. It was then I began my HBC regimen, and continuously used approximately the same dose for the next 5 years. At the end of august last year I left the country sans-partner for three months, during which time I stopped taking HBC altogether, and when I got back at the end of November we agreed to begin trying to get pregnant.

The catch was that since I had gone off HBC, I hadn't had a period the whole time I was gone. I waited another month and a half for it to show itself, then got medical help in the form of a 10 day dose of progesterone. This did the trick. I had awkward brown spotting for 5 days mid January, 3 days of red blood towards the end of january, and since I started the progesterone in mid-ish Jan, have been tracking my morning temperatures with a basal thermometer.
In addition to temp, I've been observing cervical mucous, cervical position, and cervical texture (I find it all incredibly fascinating!).

So, my reading online and in books is that temperature is relatively low in the pre-ovulation stage of a normal cycle, spikes a day or two after ovulation, then remains high until it falls just before menstrual bleeding. My temperatures are all over the dang place!


During my period they started relatively high, in the 98 F range, dropped into high 96 and mid 97 and fluctuated around that range with no obvious spikes, two obvious dips, and slightly increased to high 97-mid 98 in the last few weeks.

About 14 days into my cycle (Feb 7ish) , my cervix started rising and becoming a little softer, my mucous turned watery (but never really raw-egg-white-like) and then about a week later came back down, closed up, and firmed up. On Feb 15, I experienced dull pain in my left side, my temp had an obvious dip to low 96 a day after that, and then rose in the next days to 97 and 98 .

The last few days my nipples have been super sensitive bordering on sore, my breasts suddenly hate squeezes, and my acne has gotten out of control. Today, my boobs don't seem to mind squeezy time, but my nipples still go crazy at the slightest touch. I've had to ask my partner to avoid them during foreplay. And all the time really. He's a boob guy. He's a little crushed.

We've been having regular unprotected sex, three to four times a week, but nothing particularly planned to coincide with potential ovulation because I never had the tell tale symptoms that my admittedly cursory reading told me about. Now I'm on cycle day 36, temps are still high, boobies still sore, and acne miserably bad.

Am I ever gonna get a period? Am I pregnant? Did I ovulate? What's up with these temperatures?
Honestly I actually feel a little broken. I kind of had assumed that I'm young and impregnable and that cycle tracking would be some obvious, empowering thing. Empowering yes, obvious no.

Thanks for reading my rambles, friends, and if you'd care to share your thoughts, I'm all ears!

A photo of my chart and the following info:
I did take a dollar store preg test on Sunday afternoon, it was neg. tried another one this morning the first time I peed, and ... it was maybe positive? very faintly if so? Possibly an evap line? I thought I saw a line about 3 minutes into development, and it got a little darker but after 10 minutes the packet says not to read it. I called my practitioner anyway to get a blood test on Thurs unless my period shows up before then.
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