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Help with understanding cervical mucus

So with my most recent pregnancy scare drama (due to faulty charting on my part) done and over with and my period clearly on its way, I'm trying to be more proactive about preventing this sort of situation in the future. I intend to check my cervix and CM daily to help pinpoint ovulation more accurately and be sure that my boyfriend and I are suiting up when necessary to avoid pregnancy.

With that said, I'm struggling with understanding my CM, since HBC sort of changed what used to be my normal pattern. I used to get the very obvious EWCM once a month, but uh, I haven't seen that come out of me in years. Really, I'm struggling to understand the difference between "dry" or "no CM" and CM that's of another consistency, but just very sparse. For example, last night I checked the CM up around my cervix, and when I tested it on my fingers, there was nothing to see, but my fingers felt slick when I rubbed them together. But since my period is coming, would I mark this CM as "dry" since there wasn't very much of it, or "watery" because of how slick it felt (much like rubbing my fingers together after they've been wet with water)? When tracking CM, what is more important when determining a "dry" CM day: the consistency, or the amount?

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