biblio_filia (biblio_filia) wrote in vaginapagina,

Switching BCP Brands and Back-Up Protection

Hello everyone,

Just a very quick question to get a general consensus. I had my yearly exam about a week and a half ago and the NP who saw me prescribed a different BCP brand than the one I've been taking since this past August in order to try a lower estrogen dose (I think). She advised me to use back-up for the entire first month I'm on it. I seem to remember my GYN at home telling me to use back-up for a week BEFORE I even started the new brand; is this advisable or necessary?

I ask because I would really like to enjoy at least one more weekend of sex without condoms with my (monogamous) partner, and I'm due to start this new brand next week. I have a consultation about getting a Paraguard next week, but that's another story. Thanks!
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