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Dear Vagpageers, I come to you freaking the crap out, and maybe you can help me calm down a bit?

22 y.o. cis female on Junel.

For the past three weeks I've had what I thought was a cold/flu hybrid thingamajig- runny nose, poor excuse for a cough, slight fever (around 27* C/ 99*F). The only change in my diet for the past month is that I've been taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Iron, and Calcium supplements to help my iron and vitamin D deficiency.

People are sick all around me, so I just brushed it off and went on my merry way.

Well, I also had what I thought was a yeast infection- not an uncommon occurrence or me. So I treated with garlic, and AzoYeast and I thought it went away. Then the bf and I had awesomecrazy sexytimes, I got a bit hurty and dry, we continued a bit longer (with lube) than we probably should have given that I was having some discomfort.

Que red and angry vagina. I drank lots of water, and used garlic/AzoYeast but there's still some goopy greenish discharge, lots of redness, and general tenderness.

I took some time off of work to get better, so I had a three day weekend last week. I feel completely fine, but I'm still baffled- the fever is still there. And then it hit me- I may actually have bv and not a yeast infection, in which case, I could have had it FOR THREE WEEKS and the fever could be a sign of the bacteria spreading further up into my reproductive system!!!!!

This is my Freaking Out Face.

So I called my gynocologist, and they told me with a fever and my symptoms I better get to an ER or urgent care. Well, I can't afford another ER trip (had one in September, I'm still paying it off), the Planned Parenthood needed an appointment for something like this, and the Urgent care was closed. So now I'm waiting for my appointment with the gyno tomorrow around 1, but now I'm freaking out that I've completely destroyed my girly system (not that I ever really wanted to have kids, but having the option'd be NICE)....

So help? Can a flu last with a low-grade fever like that? Is my reproductive system shot? Are there aliens? Idek, I just know I won't stop thinking about it, and I have to be in meetings until my appointment.


EDIT: For anyone who's at all curious: it's a yeast infection. Which, while not at all horrible and easily dealt with, leaves me completely stumped about the fever. :/ 
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