taytay_1_0_1 (taytay_1_0_1) wrote in vaginapagina,

So many problems please help!

Hi there,

I've never had any trouble getting aroused before but I have noticed after losing my virginity middle last year I have had trouble. I lost my vitginity to a guy I wasn't that attracted to and we only had sex three times, now my boyfriend and I tried having aex the other night but he couldn't even get the full way in because it was too painful. I then went to the toilet and it hurt a lot when I peed. Before the srs we did do replay and him fingering me hurt!' And then after the aex fingering still hurt. I'm fine getting aroused on my own masturbating but with another it hurts! It's only occurred after losing my vitginity. I'm only young so I have no idea what it could be! When I do dry with my boyfriend I get wet easily and even though its painful being fingered does feel good a little but gets ruined by the pain. Can someone please help :(((

Also after having sex With my boyfriend it'll make 4 times me having sex, but how long till it won't be painful?? It's extreme pain and I don't know why;(
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