mayxpulxsuhxrup (mayxpulxsuhxrup) wrote in vaginapagina,

inverted nipples

I'm 21 years old and only recently figured out that I have slightly inverted nipples, through looking into getting my nipples pierced.. Since then I've done some internet searching about inverted nipples, & can't believe how it seemed like every single thing I found about them was about being ashamed about them, and how so so many of the images that came up for "inverted nipples" was of before/after photos of them being "fixed"!! I actually like the way that mine look.. maybe even more than how "regular" nipples look, and am actually no longer sure that I want to get them pierced because I don't want them to stop being inverted!! I guess I don't really have a question in this post, but I would love to hear other peoples stories about loving parts of themselves that are supposedly not regular// generally body-positivity stories // anything related to inverted nipples & nipple piercings! <3
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