celery_soda (celery_soda) wrote in vaginapagina,

Odor change and sore breasts on Depo shot?

Hello, fellow forum-cruisers! I got Depo on Tuesday the 19th. My breasts are a bit sore to the touch (they have gone, on a soreness scale where ten is the highest and one the lowest, from a 2 on Thursday to a 3 today). My discharge also smells more acidic (not bad, just a tinge more acidic.)

I enjoy having my boyfriend touch my breasts, as well as go down on me. I let him know what was going on and he was a bit more gentle with my breasts. I asked him if I smelled different, and he said, "You don't smell bad at all... just kind of acidic?" I presume the acid is because Depo makes cervical mucus more acidic/thicker to halt sperm.

My questions are:

1. Will my breasts continue to get sorer? I'm just worried that it might get worse, because an increase in soreness has been the pattern.
2. Will my odor change much more, to the point that it is bad? I do not use soap -- I did for a week, worst choice ever. I just rinse off with water every morning, with my detachable showerhead.

I know it varies by individual. Just wanted to hear some feedback on personal experience. Thanks ahead of time!

(P.S. -- I have never been able to make a post with tags. Is that normal, too?)
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