Lady Anna Crawley (theaterbrat) wrote in vaginapagina,
Lady Anna Crawley

Urology Visit

I have been having bladder issues for the past four years and I visited a new urologist today. He did a cath which shows I'm not fully emptying my bladder, it was extremely painful and it has been several hours and I'm still in pain. Has anyone here had that done? They had to go get a smaller catheter to use as the first one they tried was too large.

Also, he took time to talk to me and build rapport which is something other doctors haven't done but he did ask some things that made me rather uncomfortable. He thought it was odd that I have made it to 24 without having sex or a boyfriend, he asked if I was a lesbian because I said I wasn't interested in romance at this time in my life. I grew up/live in a tiny rural town in NC, and went to an all girls school for college so my dating options are limited. I said I didn't want to date anyone from my hometown and he said it wasn't normal to be asexual at my age. He also thought it was weird that I didn't drive even though I explained about my eye issues and told him I was in driving lessons. Is it just me or was that slightly out of line for him to be asking about my sexuality considering he is a urologist? I'm not sure so that is why I am posting here to get some feedback.

I'm going back in three weeks for urodynamic testing, and I have started a bladder diary and urine tracking. Hopefully this will lead to some results. He gave me Gelnique which is used to treat overactive bladder but the packing insert says not to use if one cannot empty their bladder fully - which is what the cathing showed today. Has anyone here done urodynamic testing?
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