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my skin still!

So a few months ago I posted with an issue from my skin. My gyno says that I have a yeast infection of the outer bits of my vagina and to the crease of my legs. And she says that since I'm over weight the only thing that I can do is lose weight (Yes i want to run with dry itchy burny skin down there!) and isn't really trying. I'm working on getting to a dermatologist but I was wondering if any of you girls had any thoughts? I've had this for months since like november, but what I'm thinking is that I've had it mildly since maybe march? I DID go get tested for std's recently, less than a month ago, and everything was neg! :) They tested for herpes too both strands. I also got tested for diabetes and that came up neg too. I've tried many different OTC yeast creams, the ones from the gyno, nystop powder has been putting it at bay but it's still there and i can't put that between my lips! So I'm running real thin on this one. Any ideas? I also wash with tea tree oil soap which helps mildly. I've been trying to blow dry my bits dry after shower but living in a dorm it's kinda hard :( I'm overweight so my legs touch and it's always mildly moist down there.
It's driving me nuts at this point. Anyone got any ideas?
Also is there anything a dermatologist can really do? I was thinking maybe like a different kind of treatment. Also my gyno would never culture my skin. she wouldn't take a skin sample to see. I was thinking that may be it. I've tried all different brands of otc cream, and i tried jock itch cream, and i use jock itch powder. I don't know what to do anymore.
thanks so much!

**add on! In the middle around christmas I found out i had a nasty kidney infection! I had to go to urgent care cause it was a weekend. Turns out I had gotten a uti the night this happened with my skin! I was on broad spectrum antibiotics for about 20-25 days and then the doctor told me they lost my cultures! and then it my kidney infection was so bad it wasn't completely gone so they put be back on broad spectrum antibiotics for ANOTHER 10 days and didn't give me any diflucan. So i was on bad antibiotics for a while so I know that hasn't helped but i'm not on them anymore. And i haven't been for a while :)
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