talkingbird. (lieinthesoundx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Stop breakthrough bleeding from trying to skip?

So I tried to skip my period for the first time ever. And it backfired on me. I'm on Orsythia, so last month instead of taking the sugar pills I just went ahead and started a new pack at week one. Everything was great, didnt have any bleeding....until last Thursday night. 13 pills into my new pack. I have horrible cramps and am bleeding as if its a normal period, just not as heavy. I really wanted to skip my period for this weekend plus a few other future events, but obviously I messed it up and will have it this weekend anyways.

I have 4 more active pills left until I get to my placebo week, but can I just start my placebo week now? Will it hurry up the process so I can get back to normal and stop bleeding?? Will starting my placebo week early make me unprotected? I don't feel like bleeding for another week and a half!
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