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First time here


First I want to say that I love this community, I have lerned so much from all the info here, I just love it.
So I have a question.

So 3 weeks ago I had sex with my friend, I have been on ortho tryciclen Lo for years, however there have been times when I don't take the pill exactly at the time I'm supposed to take it (I am taking about 30 to and hour later then the actual time) I had my period last week exactly on time and lasted the four days that usually last however the last day was very very light, and I am wondering if there is a chance that I could be pregnant (which it would be very bad if I was). I have not experience any pregnancy symptoms at all (unless the panic of a pregnancy hits me and I start feeling dizzie and anxious, and my stomach rumbles a lot.)  Is there a possibility that I could be pregnant or is my mind playing tricks on me?

Thank you all for all your help :)

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