kitkatcat (kitkatcat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird Bladder!

So here's the situation.

My bladder has been being a jerk.

The first most prevalent symptom I have is day one or two of my period, I empty my bladder and following that I have this HORRIBLE cramping bladder pain that lasts for about thirty seconds. It causes me to basically crumple on the toilet! My mom ALSO gets this problem, but NONE of my friends report anything like it.

The second, sporadic symptom I have is occasionally, usually but not always before my period, my bladder will have the cramps. It's like a sharp-tickly-annoying feeling, a little different then the period ones. Mom says this sometimes happens to her too, and it's what is currently plaguing me while  write this.

It has awoken me at night once, when I've held my bladder while sleeping. I wake up severely uncomfortable, and in pain. Movement exacerbates it. Urinating can be difficult.  Coincidentally, I also notice I have abdominal problems that accompany it, like diarrhea, but not always.

I have thought about it being many things. Allergy to foods, dyes, stress, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, endometriosis, pregnancy (which for some reason this time is my favorite, even though I just had my usual EXTREMELY heavy period 9 days ago, and never have sex without condom, spermicide, boyfriend doesn't get to finish inside, and only on my infertile days just before my period starts)

It does seem to happen when I eat a lot of gluten or drink red pop. But that could be me drawing conclusions where there are none.

Thoughts? What is this weird bladder issue, and why do (seemingly) only my mom and I get it?
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