Jesy (draiochta_faol) wrote in vaginapagina,


A bit of history: 32 yr old Cis gendered female. Married w/ 2 kids.
I had my second child in 12/2010 got my period back in March of 2011. Normal cycles until August 2011 then my cycles in August, September and October were so heavy I was severely aenemic. After that they were "normal" ~ too heavy for one form of menstrual product for the first 3 days of a 5 day bleed. My cycles, though regular have been this heavy since November 2011. I suspect fibroids, even though they are not hereditary (both Mom and my maternal grandmother have/had them)

My question however is this: I have not breastfed my second child since January 2011, however I was fiddling with my nipples a bit this morning and noticed I was lactating. There is no possibility I know of that I could be pregnant. I have had regular cycles and my husband and I are using condoms w/ no breakage. I plan on calling my Ob/Gyn on Tuesday and making an appointment, but I figured I would bounce some ideas off of you folks. Any ideas?
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