tis_a_sock (tis_a_sock) wrote in vaginapagina,

A *potentially triggering* question about weight

Hello everybody. (Just so those questioning whether or not to click the cut know, this is a US-centric question.)

I have had serious issues with overweight/obesity for as long as I can remember. Discussions about or references to my weight cause me to become intensely depressed, to a degree that I am unable to function for several days or weeks afterward. I am at a point of...well, not being okay with my weight by any means, but avoidance of the extreme depression that comes with facing this issue by not weighing myself at all. At medical offices, when I must be weighed, I opt to not face the scale and make it clear I do not want to know the number. It's far from optimal, but it permits me to get through the day.

I've recently moved to a new state. My old driver's license did not have to show my weight; my new state requires it. If I have to show people a card multiple times a day that lists my weight, whether the number's accurate or made up, I fear for my own psychological health. I get enough judgment from people just based on my appearance WITHOUT them knowing a number.

I have to go update my license next week, and I'm absolutely terrified of having to put my weight on the most used ID card in the country. Does anyone know if I can simply refuse to list my weight on my driver's license? Google is not helpful in this regard, at least as far as I've looked.

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