whiterabit (whiterabit) wrote in vaginapagina,

Partner, and recurrent yi.

My partner and I live separately and during the week see each other maybe once. However generally from Friday- Sunday we see each other and have sex (we use birth control as our sole method of protection so its condomless sex). During the weekend my vagina is fine and yeast infection free. But bam come Monday morning I get a slight itching and some clumpiness that is a tell tale mild yeast infection. I have tried peeing immediately after sex and everything. We use plenty of lube, and foreplay however it seems like every week I get a new yeast infection. I do take hormonal birth control and I do get yeast infections fairly easily while on HBC. This is not a yeast infection that isn't actually gone and keeps coming back because the sex is painless and there is no irritation over the weekend.

Is there anything more I can do to prevent these? I am now drinking kefir and taking oral probiotics. What more can I do? I am tired of getting a yeast infection weekly. Its not a bad one, but still not totally fun.

Could he be passing it back to me? He doesn't appear to have any visual signs of a yeast infection on his penis, but could I still use home remedies on him, such as tea tree oil or such? Has anyone tried home remedies on their male bodied partner?
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