creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in vaginapagina,

Another Am I Pregnant Post

So my partner and I are trying so I know that I want to be pregnant more than anything but I don't think that I am pregnant. So this is more of a "tell me I'm imagining this so I don't get my hopes up". And I know the only way to know is a pregnancy test but there's that disappoint thing again.

So my period isn't due until the 16th. I've had ridiculously sore nipples for at least a week. Maybe two. But they mostly hurt if they're touched. Otherwise I can wear a bra just fine. Also my partner swears up and down that my breast look and feel bigger. They do look different to me but I've always had large breast so its really hard to interperate the difference. I mean. They're attached to me and I see them everyday sooo. Anyway. Are these normal period symptoms? Could I feel like this due to my period being around the bend?

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