squatsomething (squatsomething) wrote in vaginapagina,

Transgender guy and discharge problem

Hey folks,

I'm a 25 year old female to male transsexual and I've been on testosterone for 4 years. I had a complete hysto 5 months ago. I'm sexually active with men and women.

My issue is this: Each time I have sex (vaginal penetration), 12-24 hours afterward I get a light green ordourless discharge from my vagina lasting upwards of 7 days. I'm free of all STI's and my partners all get regular testing. What's really strange is that this discharge occurs with or without lube and with or without a condom being used. The problem isn't limited to sex either because in the past when I've been solo using a dildo, the discharge still appears.

This problem has been happening even before my hysto.

As a transgender man on testosterone I know that our vaginal lining becomes more dry (and possibly more thin) with hormone use. I'm wondering if my vagina might just be hyper sensitive to any kind of penetration? Any theories? This discharge is uncomfortable and effects my sex life so any help is appreciated.
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