pigmirror13 (pigmirror13) wrote in vaginapagina,

Plan B side effects

Hello everyone! I've taken Plan B twice in past years with no side effects whatsoever except my period being maybe 2-3 days later than expected. However, a condom malfunction with my boyfriend on January 24th (at day 10 of my cycle) meant that I had to take it again. I was very upset that I had to take it because I've been charting my cycle as well as using condoms, and I knew that this intake of hormones would disrupt my calculations.

Everything was normal for 4 days after taking it, but then spotting began... and it still hasn't stopped. For the first two days of bleeding, it was heavy enough to warrant a tampon, but it's now slowed down to only once or twice a day, and there's been a day or two intermittently with no spotting. But besides that, I've bled at least a little every day for 12 days now. It's now day 26 of my cycle (I usually get my period within 28-32 days), and I just want my period to start so that my body can hopefully reset itself! I keep thinking that maybe this is a real period, but it always stops almost immediately.

My question for this community is: did anyone else experience a side effect like this from Plan B? Should I still get a full period around this time (I know it might be slightly off due to the hormones) even after bleeding so much already? 

I've also recently had a lot of side effects from different kinds of birth controls lately, and I'm beginning to feel like The Side Effect Queen. It would mean a lot to me if someone had any advice or support!! My moods have also been up and down like crazy, and I can't help but still be paranoid that I'm pregnant. It's all very unsettling, especially because I'm fairly sure that the hormones from Plan B are out of my system by now.

Thanks for reading!! Sorry it's a long one!
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