ajb92504 (ajb92504) wrote in vaginapagina,

No bleed after provera?

Hi all,
I have PCOS and frequently don't ovulate. I have taken provera several times in the past to bring on a bleed when I am having an annovulatory cycle. I usually start a bleed between 5 - 7 days after my last pill. This time it's been 9 days and still nothing, except a small amount of blood-tinged mucous on the tp yesterday (and back to completely nothing today).
I did take a pregnancy test before starting the provera, and again this morning just to be sure because it was taking so long. (both were obviously negative).
One thing that is different this cycle though is that I did take clomid for the first time, as we are ttc. I did not ovulate on it. (daily opk's all negative, no egg-white mucous or ovulation signs at all).  My dr has recommended increasing the dosage next cycle.

How long should I wait? Can you not have a bleed after taking provera? What would I do in that situation (especially regarding when to start my next round of clomid?)

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