Alison (feeldreamlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Another Gardasil post

Hi all,

I am 23 years old and remember my high school sex ed teacher encouraging students to get the Gardasil vaccine when it first came out. I decided against it for years as I didn't like the idea of getting something so new. 

I went to a new doctor on Wednesday for a routine physical. He suggested the vaccine and for some reason I decided to get it, although I had woken up that morning with a fever and a sore throat and was feeling under the weather (which I also explained to the doctor). I did not have a fever at the time of my visit as I had taken ibuprofen at work a couple of hours before my appointment when I started to feel crappy again.

I was surprised by how much my muscle hurt after the shot. It wasn't a tremendous amount of pain, but way more intense than I'd expected.

I was already not feeling good, so I went home, ate dinner, and tried to go to sleep (this was around 7pm Wednesday night). I was so sick all night. Chills, tossing and turning, headache, feeling like I'd been run over. So, so sick. I had a terrible fever and woke up at 6am on Thursday soaked in cold sweat, feeling a lot better (but still terrible). 

I'm pretty sure I was already on my way to having the flu, but I'm wondering if having the shot aided in any of this. I've also been googling Gardasil and reading tons of horror stories that are making me incredibly nervous.

I do not want to have the other two shots in the series done. Does anyone know if this first shot will leave my body? Or if there is a way to flush it out?

I am really nervous about it and regret having this done. I've also experienced fatigue, mild muscle spasms in my left leg (by my knee), and increased heart rate since this happened (and other flu-like symptoms which I've just attributed to being ill with the flu). I'm never getting an optional vaccination again. : /
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