lurne (lurne) wrote in vaginapagina,

What's going on?

(Kind of graphic, sorry.)
My bits and I were never friends, and here's further proof to show it.
My period has been irregular, and is even irregular in it's irregularity. Sometimes it'll be completely regular, and for a year it'll be fine!
Two years ago, I keep having late periods and then when they'd show up... they would be messy and really painful. I'd pass out from the pain, or go to the ER with them thinking my appendix blew up. I would get this awful "clots" which looks a lot like the inside of your cheek (pink, and tissue-y). My doctor said, "Hey, that sounds like a miscarriage. Well, if it happens again come see me!"
And it didn't happen after that... until now.
I'm getting that again, and started to feel bad. My boyfriend and I aren't totally responsible with condoms (we kind of fool around a bit at the beginning, and then with great reluctance put one on).My period is 6 days late, and suddenly it's "starting" but only liiiight pink and clots as big as a cherry.
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