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Effexor XR

I've been on Effexor XR for a few yrs now..less than 10, possibly more than 5..I can't remember the exact yr I started on em. Anyway. I've never really thought much about the Effexor XR contributing to any of my symptoms (last x I posted on here it was about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Today I found a group on Facebook that is against Effexor XR. It claims the drug is bad news && even if you do come off of it the right way (you can't just quit cold-turkey with it I was already told) you'll suffer from side effects for yrs if not the rest of ur life..esp the zapping feeling you get in ur head (I've had it happen a couple times when I wasn't able to fill my prescription && it is not a fun feeling at fact it's down-right miserable && you start to think, or at least I start to think, that you can go X-Men && start shooting electricity out ur fingertips!!). I personally do not want to live with zapping thru my brain for the rest of my life. But I'm tryin to get pregnant && one of the things me && my gyno have discussed is that I'll have to come off my Effexor XR (there arent a lot of studies on how it affects the fetus) and put on Prozac. I'm not afraid to take Prozac bc I wouldnt abuse it like sum ppl do..but I don't want to take Prozac && have side effects from the Effexor XR while pregnant for the 1st x co-insiding..assuming I have symptoms of side effects even if they ease me off the Effexor XR && gradually add me on Prozac..

I had been on Paxil from 17 to my early 20s. But when Paxil was recalled, my PCP put me on something else. It didnt hold my nerves at all. Soo Effexor XR was introduced. I started out on the lowest dose possible && rn I'm on 150mg (which tbh isnt as high a dose as I've heard sum ppl were on, ex. 300mg). I've been consistent with my Effexor XR except like I stated above, I've missed a couple times when I couldnt get a Rx  && the withdrawal was horrible :/ I am also on Klonopin for my panic attacks && it's only a 5mg && I only take it if i need it. I've not taken it consistently for about a yr now..if not longer..

My concerns are mostly 2 things..Is the Effexor XR to blame for all the symptoms I've been having (no energy, aches && pains, most nites having insomnia, but sleeping a lot when I do go to sleep -- pretty much all day if no one interrupts me, etc). And I'm concerned with having the possible side effects when I come off it if/when I get pregnant. 

Any information..Advice..Experience..about Effexor XR would be greatly appreciated. Thnx.

P.S. I plan to talk to my counselor about it, but I can't get into c her atm. 
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