0psych0 (0psych0) wrote in vaginapagina,

Just wanted to share my experience

I want to start off with a little background info. My husband and I have been together in a monogamous relationship for 10 years, married for a year and a half. We just recently had our first child, she is 5 months old.

I went to my local health department a little over 2 weeks ago to get put on the pill. They did the routine pap smear as usual. One week later I received a phone call from them saying that my test for Chlamydia had come back positive. Now, my husband is someone that I trust with all of my heart, but knowing that I had not cheated made me question some things. I knew that I had tested negative for all STDs during my pregnancy, so I would have had to have gotten it since giving birth. I immediately called my husband and asked if he had been involved with someone else, he said no, absolutely not, and I believed him. I told him about the Chlamydia and that he would now need to be tested and treated, he was shocked understandably, but agreed. So, the next day I went in to get treated, but I asked for them to retest me because I really felt there was a mistake. They looked at me like I was in denial, and said " I guess we can". So I took a retest and then took the pills and left.

Fast forward to yesterday, my husband went in and got tested and treated. So, today i called for my results, and lo and behold, I was NEGATIVE for all STDs. They said it must have just been a false positive the first time. This makes me wonder how often this happens to people and possibly ruins relationships! I just wanted to share, definitely ask for a retest if you're doubting any results you get!
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